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GAINESVILLE, Ga. / January 31, 2011 – Before the government fell in Tunisia, and before the first can of tear gas was thrown in Egypt, analysts at the Socionomics Institute forecast an environment favorable to an increase in violence across the region. By analyzing trends in other Arabian markets, researcher Mark Galasiewski made the following observation –

“Because mood is often most exclusionist within major corrections, we expect increased violence in the region soon.”

“The Jordanian stock market is a useful indicator of pan-Arabian mood because it is the oldest continually traded Arabian market and the others tend to trend with it. Inclusionist events are displayed above the price lines, and exclusionist events below them.” – December 2010

The escalating conflicts in Egypt, Yemen, Algeria and Jordan are a classic sign of a major bear market. Galasiewski says the historical relationship between stock market declines and violence suggests the riots in Cairo are just the beginning of things to come for the region. Access Galasiewski’s analysis and forecast here >>

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