Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

GAINESVILLE, Ga. / April 12, 2011 — On the east coast, the State Commander of the League of the South says, “The United States is not a country. The empire is over. It’s just a matter of time” (Canada, April 11, 2011). On the west coast, California Governor Jerry Brown says the nation is facing “regime crisis,” and that the U.S. “hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War” (CBS Los Angeles, April 10, 2011). Legislators in at least 16 states have proposed forming their own separate currencies (The “Constitutional Tender Act”).

Analysts at the Georgia-based Socionomics Institute say declining social mood is fueling secession sentiment worldwide, threatening the ties that bind nations, and groups of nations, together. In a study of secessionism (available here), Alan Hall says the current feelings of anger are just the beginning — and could get much worse. “Secessionism springs from the bear-market impulse to polarize and separate…it often leads to skirmishes with other nations. In the absence of an external foe, anger turns inward in the form of secessionism.”

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