Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

By Jill Noble

From Handicapping Horses to Analyzing Zombies, Kevin Depew’s socionomic journey is anything but boring.

If you ask Kevin Depew how he came to embrace socionomics, be prepared for an unorthodox story.

Depew is Editor-in-Chief of and an Emmy Award-winning Writer/Producer — he’s also clever and accomplished, and describes himself as a “strange and desperate man given to excess in all things.” His energy and counter-intuitive thoughts make his passion for socionomics contagious.

In our interview about his upcoming presentation for the conference, I caught a glimpse of how he “came to technical analysis — then, from technical analysis into Elliott Wave Theory, and from there into Socionomics.”

Hedge fund manager Scott Reamer mentioned that he and Kevin regularly discuss socionomic insights.
Here’s some of what Depew had to say:

We found that we had very similar viewpoints…and were dissatisfied with trying to use linear tools to explain things — you really have to fold things up and fit them into a box.

We both agreed that that’s really what news media is about — that’s one of the reasons we founded Minyanville.

Socionomics, once we found it, was eye-opening. It gave us an entirely new way to look at what’s reported in the media and how we’re experiencing the world.

Listen to the full audio interview on how Kevin Depew got his start, from attending an unusual liberal arts university to becoming a prominent guest speaker at the first annual socionomics conference (with zombies and horse racing thrown in for good measure).

AUDIO – Kevin Depew