Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

By Jill Noble
Scott Reamer and his partners started Chora Capital in 2010. Recently I had the privilege of speaking with him about how he uses socionomics, specifically how “the socionomic hypothesis is critical to dealing with life’s inherent uncertainties – in markets, in academia, in life.”

What struck me during our interview is how candid Reamer is about his line of work. Though he has chosen to focus his career on running an impressive amount of money with his behavioral arbitrage hedge fund, he’s also the kind of person who could succeed in a variety of different pursuits.

He confided that

There are lots of things to do in life that are terribly interesting. A lot more terribly interesting than finance: medicine and environmental stuff and social work — so many interesting things to do in life.

What keeps me in this business is the intellectual vigor that goes along with appreciating and understanding the implications of the socionomic theory… it has really brought a spark of renewed interest in finance at a time when it’s, intellectually speaking, quite easy to lose interest in this business, given the manner in which the industry behaves and is regulated and such.

You can listen to much more of what Scott Reamer has to say about traditional finance vs. the socionomic approach, including his comment about “a Hippocratic Oath for the financial industry,” in this ten-minute interview:

AUDIO – Scott Reamer