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Mark Galasiewski

Editor, The Elliott Wave Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

Areas of research include Asian-Pacific markets, automobiles, fashion and the Middle East.

Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-ski) began his analytical career in 2001, researching company fundamentals at an institutional brokerage in Stamford, Connecticut. After joining Elliott Wave International in 2005, Mark contributed to Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist and then joined EWI’s Global Market Perspective team covering Asian stock indexes. Since 2008, he has also edited EWI’s Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast. He lived in Japan for six years during the 1990s, where he observed that country’s extended bear market first-hand. Mark has traveled to many of the countries whose markets he analyzes. A graduate of Middlebury College (Vermont, USA) in East Asian Studies, he is fluent in Japanese and conversant in Mandarin Chinese.

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