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Peter Kendall

Editor, The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast

Areas of research include financial markets, movies, pop music, sports and other cultural trends.

Peter Kendall is the Chief Analyst for U.S. Markets and Cultural Trends at Elliott Wave International. He co-edits The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, contributes to the firm’s Short-Term Update and since 1995 has provided commentary on cultural trends, the economy and the U.S. stock market for the firm’s Global Market Perspective. Kendall began his career as a financial reporter and columnist in 1983. He wrote “On the Money,” a column for The Business Journal, from 1991 to 1997. Kendall joined Elliott Wave International as a researcher in 1992 and later served as the director of EWI’s Center for Cultural Studies. His book, The Mania Chronicles, co-authored with Robert Prechter, offers a 700-page real-time account of the Great Financial Bubble from 1995-2008. Kendall is also a contributing author to the books Socionomic Causality in Politics and Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture, #1 Amazon bestsellers in behavioral psychology and social theory, respectively. He graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a degree in Business Administration.

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