Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

GAINESVILLE, Ga. / June 2, 2011 — News reports say measles cases and deadly E. coli infections are escalating rapidly in Europe. France has over 5,000 measles cases and Germany is the locus of a massive outbreak of a “rare, deadly strain” of food-borne E. coli that can shut down kidneys and cause seizures, strokes and comas. A CDC expert remarked, “There has not been such an outbreak before that we know of in the history of public health.”

The outbreaks come as no surprise to analysts at the Socionomics Institute. The researchers analyze health trends as they relate to society’s mood. In a recent study, researchers found correlations between falling stock prices and epidemics, both of which, they say, are brought about by negative social mood. Alan Hall, a researcher at the Georgia-based think tank and the author of the study, said, “The data show that fearful people are more susceptible to epidemics.”

If stocks fall, indicating that social mood has taken a turn for the worse, Hall says “the ebbing tide of social mood will reveal even more laxity [in food-safety organizations] and cause even more hardship.”

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