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Prechter’s socionomic theory explains how and why our brains make it so hard to buy low and sell high

By Jill Noble

Tomorrow’s market may go up, down or sideways, but here’s what stays the same: Most investors consistently fail to buy low and sell high. Why?

As it turns out, humans are hard-wired to react emotionally instead of rationally to stress and other aspects of survival.

In his presentation at the London School of Economics, Robert Prechter discusses the biological impulses that make “rational self-interest” so difficult:


Prechter condenses three decades of research on socionomic theory and Elliott wave patterns into a two-hour presentation that anyone can follow and understand.

His engaging talk illustrates how waves of optimism and pessimism in collective psychology appear not only in finance and the economy, but also in popular culture, politics, sports and the news.

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