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August 20, 2012

On Sunday, Julian Assange took the authoritarian/anti-authoritarian conflict out onto the balcony of his asylum refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, berating the United States for its “witch hunt” and “war on whistleblowers.” (Click here to read our 2010 forecast on same.) The UK says it’s entitled to arrest Assange inside the building; Assange claimed the UK already tried to storm the embassy. The Union of South American Nations backed Ecuador; 23 of the 35 members of the Organization of American States voted in favor of meeting to discuss the embassy threat – the US voted against. This follows a massive cyber-attack-shutdown of WikiLeaks as it tried to reveal evidence of TrapWire, a huge electronic spying system allegedly run by the US government. And don’t forget the emergence of AntiLeaks, a hacker group who describes Assange as “a new breed of terrorist,” yet attacked Russia Today’s website in support of those anti-Putin Pussy Riot hooligans! So many causes, so little time! What’s an activist girl (or hacktivist guy) to do?


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