Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

September 24, 2012

Even as college education began to move online in a serious way, college students began to post online videos of themselves shotgunning beers, bongs and big fatties, spooning jello shots, puking on the slip-N-slide, smashing cars, burning furniture, screaming insults, and now and forevermore flipping the bird to anyone who wants to watch.

One especially rowdy West Virginia University movie comments, “No alcohol or illegal substance is used during the filming, just prop.” Yeah, right. Judging from the long list of YouTube’s “I’m Shmacked” offerings, students are engaged in a fierce competition to see who can best wreck their future careers. Might the debt they face be a factor in the acting out? The New York Times noted, “one student claimed in a comment about a video, ‘You can’t be considered an alcoholic until after you graduate.’” Click here to read more about why education’s image is tarnishing.


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