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October 18, 2012

Thanks to 21-year-old Jimmy Winkelmann’s “The Butt Face” clothing line, “about 35% of people may associate The North Face with The Butt Face.” This humiliating finding is from The North Face’s own survey filed in U.S. District Court. And this is redux. In 2011, The North Face paid Winkelmann “a significant amount of money” to “stop selling clothing under the name ‘The South Butt.’”

Socionomists have been watching the development of the destroy-the-brand trend for awhile. “[C]ompanies with major brands represent near-total investments in the techniques of crafting and maintaining icons that are amenable to the long uptrend in social mood… . Their shares should be extremely sensitive to any loss of potency in the symbols, sayings, jingles, tastes or subliminal appeals they have created over the course of a long bull market.” Click here to read more.


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