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June 24, 2015

Cadillac_Escalade_(15237131580)Back in the cold, wintry days of December, my once-trusty blue 1994 Toyota Camry began to emit the tell-tale odors of old age as the stench of burnt oil seeped through the air vents. I said my farewells and started the laborious task of finding a new car: an SUV. I scantly realized it at the time, but I was merely a trend-follower.

A June 18th USA Today article reads, “Automakers Bemoan Lack of SUVs, Trucks.” An analyst from says “We’re seeing product shortages on some of the big trucks and SUVs.”

Why are SUVs back in vogue? In July of 2006, we published a socionomic study showing that the popularity of automobile styles and colors change according to social mood.

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