Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

Alan Hall’s research showcases the wide range and deep applicability of socionomics and the Elliott wave model. His 2015 Social Mood Conference presentation, “A Socionomic View of Deep Time: A Natural History of the Wave Principle’s Manifestations,” is a prime example.

In this 9-minute clip from the presentation, Alan explores the Wave Principle’s influence in the evolution of the universe and Earth. He begins with an important question: “Might our solar system evolve in an Elliott wave?”

His chart-heavy presentation reveals ubiquitous fractal and spiral patterns in nature, Elliott patterns in solar luminosity, atmospheric evolution, mineral evolution and species extinctions.

Alan Hall returned to the stage for the 2016 Social Mood Conference on April 9 in Atlanta, GA. His presentation touched on many topics, including Russia’s military resurgence, authoritarianism, epidemics, wealth inequality and political revolution. Socionomic theory correctly predicted these important social trends, which are still unfolding and accelerating.

Watch Alan and nine other excellent presentations at the 2016 Social Mood Conference right now via an on-demand video >>