Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

Peter Kendall has co-edited The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, a monthly financial newsletter, since its inception in 1999. He authored The Mania Chronicles with Robert Prechter, and he contributes to research published by Elliott Wave International (EWI) and the Socionomics Institute.

In September 2015, Peter led one of the most unique events in EWI’s history — a walking tour of Wall Street. The tour reflected on New York City’s skyscraper indicator with stops at many of the city’s iconic buildings. Peter gave an entertaining, informative talk on this very subject at the 2016 Social Mood Conference on April 9 in Atlanta, GA.

In this interview, Peter discusses the uniqueness of the Wave Principle, explains why psychology repeats itself over time and shares some thoughts on one of his favorite cultural trends to study.

Watch Peter Kendall and the nine other excellent presentations from the 2016 Social Mood Conference right now via an on-demand video >>