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Matt Lampert presents on elections: “There’s no relationship between the party in power and the subsequent trend in the stock market”

by Erin Hindes
Updated: May 23, 2016

Socionomics Institute Director Matt Lampert presented “Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and U.S. Presidential Elections” to the University of Warwick’s Mood Conference, titled Mood – Aesthetic, Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives, on May 5, 2016. The event gathered academics from five continents to discuss their research on mood.

Lampert presented the Socionomics Institute’s studies on elections, which found that the presidential party in power has little bearing on the stock market. Instead, the Institute researchers found that rate of change in the stock market is a significant predictor of how incumbents fare in their re-election bids.

Watch Lampert’s summary of the conference below.

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