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At the invitation of Professor Dennis Elam, the Socionomics Institute’s Matt Lampert and Alyssa Hayden introduced socionomics to students and faculty at Texas A&M University-San Antonio in May 2017.

Professor Elam was kind enough to review the whirlwind trip frame by frame. Below are excerpts from his blog post.

Socionomics Institute Collection Donation and Address, SRS 2017

Matt Lampert, Research Director, and Alyssa Hayden, Executive Director of the Socionomics Institute, accepted my invitation to address our 2017 Student Research Symposium.

They made the very first donation of the entire socionomics collection, and our school was the chosen recipient.

Friday’s socionomic presentation went well. We had so many psychology students sign up to hear it that we moved from a conference room to the larger Vista Room. We were pleased to have several San Antonio accounting professionals in the audience. Good questions and answers followed.

Saturday morning was jammed with visiting students who were displaying their research projects.

Saturday’s socionomic presentation was also well attended. And we had even more questions, as it was oriented toward the business group.

I also showed our guests the side of San Antonio most tourists miss. Thursday afternoon following their airport arrival, I whisked them to the McNay Museum of Art. The McNay is a perfect example of a positive social mood extreme. I made sure they visited the orientation room, noting the construction was completed in September 1929, right at the top of the 1920s bull market.

Whew, Matt and Alyssa must have felt like they were in a Chevy Chase vacation movie — “okay kids, here’s the Louvre, you got an hour.” They were introduced to more names and faces than anyone could remember in such a short time, but they showed genuine appreciation for our interest in their topic. It was clear the group enjoyed the entire academic exchange with Matt and Alyssa.

As the realtors like to say, there is no ‘I’ in the word team. That was the case for Matt and Alyssa’s visit this weekend. Matt sent me an email thanking all of us for literally “the best socionomic speaking trip in years.”

Dennis Elam
College of Business
Texas A&M University-San Antonio

McNay Museum of Art


Lampert spoke about the value of the socionomic perspective with Professor Elam in this interview, recorded prior to the event.

Professor Elam’s full review can be found here