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Do you love James Bond? Robert Prechter’s new book, Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture, says audiences’ answers change with the stock market. See for yourself in the following excerpt.

Chapter 10

By Mark Galasiewski and Chuck Thompson

Figure 1

Bond films’ popularity first peaked with Goldfinger in 1964 as social mood and the markets approached a positive extreme. Then the negative mood trend of 1966-1982 impacted Bond filmmakers, making them introspective, doubting and cynical. Ratings suffered as the bear market wore on and bottomed with Never Say Never Again (1983), shortly after social mood registered a negative extreme in 1982.

A trend toward positive mood in the 1980s and 1990s returned the films to popularity. Low ratings for two Bond movies in the late 1990s were anomalous, but Bond bottomed with stocks in 2002. In 2006, the rating for a new version of Casino Royale registered an all-time high in tandem with all-time highs in both the Dow and global real estate prices.

James Bond is equipped with fast cars and high-tech gadgets. He has a talent for outwitting the best criminal masterminds in the world. When it’s time to pack a punch, he has the muscle to take down his opponents. But one thing he can’t control is filmmakers’ motivation and the public’s appetite for his fast-paced, good-guy/bad-guy films. For that, Bond needs a healthy dose of positive social mood.



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