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In the October 2017 Socionomist, senior researcher Alan Hall detailed how social mood has regulated trends in baseball and stocks for nearly 150 years. You can see excerpts of his work and other socionomic insights on baseball in the right sidebar. And check out the study’s media coverage below.

Print Coverage:

CNBC: “Home runs and strikeouts can track the stock market

CFO: “Why do baseball stats mirror stock market results

ThinkAdvisor: “Record year for home runs could be a dark omen for the economy

Radio Interviews

April 3, 2018
Frankie Boyer Show, Biz Talk Radio

March 30, 2018
News Radio WINA, Charlottesville


November 11, 2017
John Hines Show, News Radio WCCO, Minneapolis:

October 24, 2017
Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One, Nationally Syndicated:

October 20, 2017
Stocks and Jocks Show:

October 20, 2017
Experience Pros Radio Show, Nationally Syndicated: