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January 31, 2019

Atlanta will host this year’s Super Bowl LIII. The Atlanta Falcons aren’t playing this year, but here’s a somber story about a former Falcons player. Tommy “Mr. Falcon” Nobis was one of college football’s all-time greatest linebackers. He was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1966 NFL draft, Rookie of the Year and went to the Pro Bowl five times. But Nobis’s family knew something was wrong. They described him as “emotionally unstable” and prone to violent mood swings. This week, the director of Boston University CTE center said Nobis had the had the most severe form of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The disease showed “severe loss of neurons and large CTE lesions throughout the cerebral cortex.”

In the July 2018 Socionomist, Senior Analyst Chuck Thompson takes an in-depth look at American football and the role that social mood has played in shaping the country’s attitude toward concussions.

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