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September 3, 2019

Researchers in Japan have tampered with the swimming ability of mice sperm to produce litters that were 90% male or 81% female. Other Japanese researchers are planning to put human stem cells into animal embryos with the goal of growing transplantable human organs inside those animals. They say they will pause their experiment if too many human cells get into the embryo’s brains.

Meanwhile bioethicist Rob Sparrow worries that gene editing may eventually cause us to see ourselves as “manufactured things to be improved upon in future iterations.”

The November 2009 Socionomist cautioned that eugenics may not be a forgotten idea. It said mounting evidence suggests that negatively trending social mood could “produce stronger expressions of dehumanization and social control than did even eugenics.”

To find out more, read “Will You Make the Cut? Pro-Eugenics Ideas May Resurface as Negative Mood Deepens”.


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