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September 19, 2019

During a recent airing of his live TV show, Bill Maher said that many Americans are dying of obesity and that fat shaming needs to make a comeback. “Some amount of shame is good,” he said. “We shamed people out of smoking and into wearing seat belts. We shamed them out of littering and most of them out of racism. Shame is the first step in reform.” Look for less sensitivity toward people struggling with obesity if social mood shifts to negative.

Meanwhile, a report from the Council for a Strong America said obesity is disqualifying 31% of American youth from military service. It warned that recruiting challenges for the military will continue unless measures are taken to encourage a healthy lifestyle beginning at a young age.

The July 2014 issue of The Socionomist identified a two-century relationship between sugar consumption and the stock market. It said that sugar consumption remains at historically elevated levels and pointed to upward spikes in obesity and diabetes.

To find out more read, “Social Mood Regulates our Sweet Tooth: A 200-Year History of US Sugar Consumption”.


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