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September 9, 2019

The Minnesota Twins have broken the record for home runs hit by a team on the road. Cincinnati’s Aristedes Aquino has set the rookie record for most home runs in a calendar month. And during the 2019 season alone, players have broken the monthly home run record three times.

A recent article looks back to the home run chase of the 1998 season, which some credited to steroid abuse in clubs throughout the league. But if the “steroid era” is a thing of the past, what’s driving this year’s home-run surge? The article blames today’s baseballs, which are “behaving far differently than [their] predecessors” and “leading to historic numbers of home runs.”

Socionomists offer a different explanation for this year’s home-run figures. To find out more, read “Social Mood Stimulates the Sultans of Swat”.


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