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December 9, 2019

There are 470 children born every hour in the United States, and parents are giving them a lot of non-traditional names.

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Maverick is now more popular than Adam. Oaklynn is one of the fastest-rising names for girls, and Brooklyn is now more popular than Anna.

Axel has become more popular than Edward, and last year, traditional names like Tracy, Gretchen and Justine went to less than 100 girls each. In the meantime, Genesis is the fastest-rising name for boys, and when it comes to girls, Serenity is more popular than Julia.

The trend has also taken hold in individual states. Aurora is the top name for girls in Alaska, and in South Dakota, Grayson is the top name for boys.

The May 2010 issue of The Socionomist reported strong associations between positive social mood and parents’ tendency to give their children unusual names. The December 2017 issue followed up by noting that common baby names have become an “endangered species.”

To learn more about this trend read “Positive Social Mood Continues to Encourage Unusual Baby Names.”


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