Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

April 10, 2020

Rhode Island has moved to quarantine New Yorkers who cross its borders. Police in New Orleans are jailing people for minor offenses. Returning migrant workers in India were forced to sit on the ground and be sprayed with an automotive disinfectant. Police in South Africa are using whips, rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse public gatherings. In Serbia, the president has assumed full power. Hungary’s parliament approved a bill giving the prime minister extraordinary powers and setting no end date for them. And Edward Snowden, the former CIA contractor who exposed NSA surveillance programs, is warning that increased government surveillance could still be in effect decades from now.

Socionomists note that a bearish fear of the future causes people to seek security in strong leaders and to view each authoritarian step as a temporary, necessary inconvenience. To learn more read, “Authoritarianism Versus Anti-authoritarianism: The Tension Boils Over as Negative Mood Deepens.”


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