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March 31, 2021

When Rachel Levine was approved by the U.S. Senate to be assistant secretary of health, she became the first openly transgender federal official to win Senate confirmation. Transgender rights activists pointed to Levine’s appointment as a historic breakthrough.

Variety magazine reported that “Single All the Way,” a holiday-themed romantic comedy centered on gay men, is coming to Netflix. The show is entering a genre which has seen “increased calls for inclusion,” Variety said. Screenwriter Chad Hodge noted that he wanted to portray the “uniqueness of gay friendships and relationships” and added, “I’m so grateful to Netflix for embracing all of it.”

In the publishing world, Leyna Bloom has become the first Black and Asian transgender woman to be featured in a Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. “[Leyna’s] presence as the first trans woman of color to be in our issue is a result of her lifetime dedication to forging her own path that has led to acceptance, love and change,” Sports Illustrated said. “She represents every person’s right to love themselves and be who they want to be.”

Expressions of inclusion like those above are fueled by positively trending social mood. As an example of how social mood regulates such expressions, read “Positive Social Mood Drives Manifestations of Inclusion in US.”


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