Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

September 29, 2021

A recent Bloomberg article said China’s Communist Party is targeting androgynous pop idols and anyone who doesn’t conform to Chinese gender norms. Using a derogatory slur that roughly translates to “sissy men,” China’s National Radio and Television Administration told TV companies to “strictly control the selection of program actors and guests.” Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal said Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to “roll back” the country’s “decades-long evolution toward Western-style capitalism.” Xi wants to build China into a “modern socialist power.” The April 2010 issue of The Socionomist identified a connection between rising authoritarianism and negatively trending social mood. An analysis from The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast notes that China’s Shanghai Composite index is mired in a long-term correction. To learn more about negative mood’s influence on Chinese authoritarianism, watch “China During Chairman Mao: Negative Mood Catastrophe.”


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