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August 3, 2022

A recent Associated Press article said Major League Baseball is suffering from an attendance problem. Around the time of this year’s All-Star break, baseball games were drawing an average of 26,409 fans, compared to 30,000 as recently as 2017.

Teams most affected by this trend include the Oakland Athletics, whose attendance has declined almost 55% compared to 2019. As the A’s worry about their future in the Bay Area, they have made drastic cuts to payroll.

Other teams seeing attendance declines compared to 2019 include Arizona, 26.7%; Pittsburgh, 20.8%; Washington, 19.7%; Philadelphia, 17.9%; Cincinnati, 17.8%; Cleveland, 16.3%; the Los Angeles Angels, 15.1%; and Kansas City, 15.1%.

Baseball has long been a topic of interest to socionomists, who have identified it as a bull-market sport. To learn more about social mood’s effect on America’s Pastime, read “Social Mood Stimulates the Sultans of Swat.”


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