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March 7, 2023

During an investor-day presentation, Tesla founder Elon Musk unveiled his “Master Plan 3.” CNBC said the presentation was “long on vision and a review of prior achievements, but short on specifics about any new Tesla products or services.”

Musk’s “Master Plan 2” was released in March 2016, and according to MarketWatch, it promised a “few things that have fallen short of reality, especially around Musk’s hopes for self-driving cars and car sharing.”

For several years, Musk has been promising that his Neuralink company would soon begin human trials of brain implants to treat conditions such as paralysis and blindness. But he waited until last year to seek FDA approval, which was denied.

Musk is a positive-mood icon. The November 2018 issue of The Socionomist said negative mood would put him at risk of scandals that could become company-killing embarrassments. To better understand social mood’s effect on everything from companies to fashion, sign up for a Socionomics Membership.


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