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Vadim Pokhlebkin

Vadim PokhlebkinContributing Researcher and Writer, The Socionomist

Areas of research include politics, civil rights, international relations and business trends.

When you grow up in a country where private property is illegal, where the black market is the place you go for a pair of knock-off Levi’s, and where “liberty and justice for all” exists only on paper — it (mis)shapes your perspective of everything. Especially the markets and economy. Vadim grew up in the former USSR, and when he landed on American shores at the age of 21, he began to hungrily study Western business practices. When he discovered the Elliott Wave Principle and social mood as the real “invisible hand” that shapes the markets, economy and social trends, it moved him even closer to truly understanding free markets. Today, Vadim splits his time between his duties as Elliott Wave International’s Sr. Writer, editor, and instructor of the Trade Small, Win Often course and his role as a contributing researcher and writer at the Socionomics Institute.