Social Mood Conference | Socionomics Foundation

1. Snapshot of bull market, with the consensus view arbitrarily positioned in the center.
2. Beginning of Bear Market: Polarization begins. People abandon the consensus view.
3. Mood decline accelerates: Polarization increases, as do calls for separation, opposition and destruction of the status quo. Society’s sense for what is “normal” loses definition.
4. Majorities form and one prevails: Society’s new normal gels nearer one of the corners.
5. Mood trend bottoms, reverses: A new bull market begins. Polarization decreases. Partisans begin to embrace compromise and re-form a centrist view.
6. Bull market under way: Society desires peace and cooperation. Optimism and willingness to compromise prevail. “Normal” may begin a slow shift, but even as the perception moves, society maintains consensus.

To learn more, see the article “Authoritarianism: The Wave Principle Governs Fear and the Social Desire to Submit” in the April 2010 issue of The Socionomist.