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Socionomics is the science of history and social prediction. It is a field of study encompassing the origins and effects of an endogenous human social dynamic called the Wave Principle, a specific sequence of progress and regress that regulates the complex system of collective mood and social interaction. It examines and forecasts market and social trends on this basis: that the character of social, political, cultural, financial and economic trends are the product of collective human psychology, which is based upon an unconscious herding impulse deriving from pre-rational portions of the brain.

Socionomic Research
In conjunction with the Socionomics Foundation, the Socionomics Institute encourages critical study of social behavior by engaging scholars and advanced students in researching the social sciences from a socionomic perspective. Socionomics is a trans-disciplinary field of study that crosses boundaries separating psychology, economics, sociology, biology and history.

Applied Socionomics
The Socionomics Institute promotes the practical application of socionomic analysis toward problem solving and forecasting across diverse areas of economics, politics, art, music, fashion, business, sports, media and other areas of popular culture. Practical applications also involve socionomic analysis of current news events in order to obtain a better understanding of how social mood governs social events.

Contributors and Benefactors
The Institute is closely associated with Elliott Wave International, a technical analysis company that uses the Socionomic Theory of Finance to forecast price moves in the financial markets.

Robert R. Prechter developed the Socionomic Theory of Finance and the subject of socionomics.