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Hardcover: 173 pages
Publisher: Campus Verlag (Aug. 15, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3593392046
ISBN-13: 978-3593392042

Cybernetics Expert Releases Book on Political Applications of Socionomics

When the clouds part, the sun really shines. On the heels of John Casti’s ice-breaking book on socionomics and futurism, Mood Matters, comes Dr. Constantin Malik’s new book, Ahead of Change.

This compact volume is an excellent treatise on the challenges legislatures face when they attempt to plan for the future. Malik argues that laws that presently govern society are reactive; they trail social mood changes. Ideally, society should be able to anticipate these developments and craft legislation proactively, and consequently, socionomists should play a crucial role in helping government prepare for social changes.

For readers of Prechter’s Human Social Behavior and Pioneering Studies in SocionomicsAhead of Change offers a fresh discussion and brings a new voice to the causality debate.

From the publisher:
Wars, revolutions, and financial disasters do not have to happen. There are ways to transform governmental policies so as to avoid such catastrophes. What is needed—argues management expert Constantin Malik—is to anticipate change and to prepare for it. With this highly instructive and provocative book, Malik brings management theory to government, suggesting a series of new methods and instruments for successful governance, approaches based on the latest research in the fields of crowd psychology and management cybernetics.

About the Author
Constatin Malik is secretary of the board for Malik Management, a management consulting firm in St. Gallen, Switzerland.  He holds a master’s degree in law and a doctoral degree in psychology, and is an expert in management cybernetics.  A steadfast supporter of socionomics, Malik was among the first to teach a college course on the subject at the University of Klangenfurt in Austria.


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