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Mood Riffs

  • [Mood Riffs] Kicking Assange

    [Mood Riffs] Kicking Assange

    On Sunday, Julian Assange took the authoritarian/anti-authoritarian conflict out onto the balcony of his asylum refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, berating the United States for its “witch hunt” and “war on whistleblowers.”

  • [Mood Riffs] “Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?”

    [Mood Riffs] “Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?”

    “Instead of gasps of horror there have been yawns. It’s plain that the media and the public are a little tired of Wall Street scandals.”

  • [Mood Riffs] Size Matters

    [Mood Riffs] Size Matters

    “While previous economic downturns have been weathered, the current market is one of the worst experienced for many years, with no upturn forecast for at least 12-18 months…”

  • [Mood Riffs] Is My $10-Off Spa Treatment Coupon Still Good?

    [Mood Riffs] Is My $10-Off Spa Treatment Coupon Still Good?

    The stock is down roughly 80% in less than a year, and NOW their opinion changes to neutral?

  • [Mood Riffs] Women on Top

    [Mood Riffs] Women on Top

    For the first time in Olympic history, every country participating had at least one female athlete in the games.