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  • [Mood Riffs] Much Ado Over The Fed

    [Mood Riffs] Much Ado Over The Fed

    The media was abuzz on June 19: “Fed Statement Looms” — “Uncertainty at Fed Over

  • Richard Milhous…Obama?

    Richard Milhous…Obama?

    May 24, 2013 The recent scandals rocking the Obama Administration (and his comparison to Richard Nixon) come as no surprise to us at the Socionomics Institute. Consider, if you will, these words written in 2002… A leader doesn’t control his country’s economy, but the economy mightily controls his image. When […]

  • Press Room | Socionomic Researchers

    Press Room | Socionomic Researchers

    Andrea Dibben Trend Finder, Social Mood Watch column Areas of research include – Cultural Trends, Gender and Fashion. Andrea Dibben graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BBA and specialization in entrepreneurship. She served in internships that gave her an inside view of the corporate world and government institutions: one […]

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