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Exciting socionomics research and cutting-edge initiatives are taking flight all over the world. This page recognizes some of the scholars, writers and contributors whose work is helping to propel socionomics forward.

Charlie Aitken
Leonard Cohen – The Prince of “Dark.”

Dennis Elam, Ph.D.
Professor Elam’s blog
Mob Roots Go Mainstream in Vegas

Jon Fassett, Ph.D.

Michael Flagg
Futurejacked blog
Military and Political Leaders Need a Socionomic Perspective

Michael Green, Ph.D.
How Do We Create a Philosophical Cosmos for Acting Socially and Being Happy?

Todd Harrison
Todd Harrison Interviews Robert Prechter: ‘When Social Mood Turns, the Fundamentals Will Follow’

Jason King, PhD

Constantin Malik, Ph.D.
Two Books Offer Takes On Socionomics
Ahead of Change: How Crowd Psychology and Cybernetics Transform the Way We Govern

Paul Montgomery
Universal Economics

Wayne Parker, Ph.D.
The Financial/Economic Dichotomy in Social Behavioral Dynamics

Drew Ross
PhiMatrix Brings Phi to Life

Valeri Safonov, Ph.D.

Cenk Sener
Mass Arrests in Turkey’s Ergenekon Case

Ted Solley
Higher Tuition: Is it Finally “Enough”?

Speakers Emeritus of the Socionomics Summit

Shikhar Agarwal
Trends and Burden of Firearm-related Hospitalizations in the United States Across 2001-2011

Kevin Armstrong
Birdies, Bogies, and Billions – Social Mood Behind Golf and Global Investment Strategy

Peter Atwater
Post-Crash Reality: Gimme Shelter

Michelle Baddeley, Ph.D.
Herding, Animal Spirits and Financial Instability

Alex Bentley

Johan Bollen, Ph.D.
Did U C New Studies? Tweets N Blogs Predict Equity Prices
Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market
[Audio] Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market

Marah Boyesen
Socionomics for Seventeen-Year-Olds

Alan Brochstein

Thomas Brudermann

Mark Buchanan, Ph.D.
What Physics, Meteorology and the Natural Sciences Can Teach Us About Economics

Terry Burnham, Ph.D.
Mean Markets and Lizard Brains

Jose Carlos Carvalho
Paineiras Investimentos

John L. Casti, Ph.D.
Why A Well-Known Scholar Embraced Socionomics
Two Books Offer Takes On Socionomics
Mood Matters

Jon Clifton
Gallup Global Economics: The Best Findings from the Gallup World Poll

Kevin Coogan

Kevin Depew
[Audio] Socionomics: A Long, Strange, Exhilarating Trip
Is the US Government Pumping Up the Stock Market?
Five Things You Need to Know: Socionomics of Bottled Water

Eric Gilbert, Ph.D.
Widespread Worry and the Stock Market

John Grable

Werner De Bondt

John Donnellan

Leena Ilmola

Mikko Ketovuori

Kenneth Kishida

Jordan Kotick

Philip Maymin, Ph.D.
Music and the Market: Song and Stock Volatility

Huina Mao
Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market
[Audio] Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market

Suzy Moat

Kenneth Olson, Ph.D.
Murder and the Market
Blog – A Theory of Everything (social)

Richard Peterson

Tobias Preis, Ph.D.
Quantifying Economic Behavior Using Big Data

Scott Reamer
[Audio] Socionomics: First Do No Harm