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  • [Article] Negative Mood Sickens Society

    [Article] Negative Mood Sickens Society

    Disease Update: A perfect storm of mood, malaise and pathogens.

  • [Audio] Part II: Alan Hall on Epidemic Disease

    [Audio] Part II: Alan Hall on Epidemic Disease

    Socionomist Alan Hall continues his discussion with radio journalist Tom Jeffries about negative social mood and epidemics. Part II explores how changes in mood impact human immunity. Hall discusses potential threats on the horizon and provides charts that illustrate the timing of epidemics and their similarity to financial manias. Download Charts […]

  • [Article] Euthanasia

    [Article] Euthanasia

    The debate over euthanasia in the past several decades suggests that negative mood may also raise the public’s tolerance of mercy killing.

  • [Article] Natural Sweeteners (Sugars and Syrups)

    [Article] Natural Sweeteners (Sugars and Syrups)

    Commentators perennially ask us, “Could the positive social mood that produced the financial mania since the late 1990s be a product of the popularity of mood-elevating pharmaceutical drugs such as Prozac?” Those familiar with the socionomic hypothesis (that social mood motivates social action) can probably predict our response.