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  • Mord Krankenhaus

    Mord Krankenhaus

    This grisly tale has roots in social mood.

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    [Article] Murder and the Market

    Along with reintroduction of Robert Prechter’s socionomic theory of how society creates serial killers and when they are most likely to strike, contributing writer, Professor Ken Olson, disentangles the relationship between murder rates and the stock market.

  • [Article] The Coming Collapse of the Marijuana Prohibition

    [Article] The Coming Collapse of the Marijuana Prohibition

    History shows that mood governs society’s tolerance for recreational drugs. A rising social mood produces prohibition of substances such as alcohol and marijuana; a falling mood produces tolerance and relaxed regulation. In the case of alcohol, the path from prohibition to decriminalization became littered with corruption and violence as the government waged a failed war on traffickers. Eventually, as mood continued to sour, the government finally capitulated to public cries for decriminalization as a means to end the corruption and bloodshed.