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  • [Article] Sky High Construction? Not in Saudi Arabia or Dubai

    [Article] Sky High Construction? Not in Saudi Arabia or Dubai

    Commonly referred to as the Skyscraper Indicator, this study examines why impressive construction projects tend to start right after major peaks in social mood.

  • [Article] Einstein and Social Behavior

    [Article] Einstein and Social Behavior

    Pete Kendall explores the socionomic forces that shaped the life and career of one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century.   Einstein and the Study of “Psycho-Pathology” If there really is such a thing as social mood that guides collective human experience, how come they don’t teach it […]

  • [Article] A Socionomic Take On James Bond

    [Article] A Socionomic Take On James Bond

    In bear markets the sexual stereotypes that these icons represent fall from favor as society embraces a greater variety of gender roles and identities. The history of the longest-running film franchise to feature a traditionally male character bears this out.

  • [Article] Negative Mood Themed Films

    [Article] Negative Mood Themed Films

    “Popular Culture and the Stock Market,” identified horror films as manifestations of negative mood trends, so they tend to be most popular during bear markets in stocks. Anecdotal evidence suggested that other genres also rise and fall with the social mood.

  • [Article] Euthanasia

    [Article] Euthanasia

    The debate over euthanasia in the past several decades suggests that negative mood may also raise the public’s tolerance of mercy killing.

  • [Article] Aircraft Accidents

    [Article] Aircraft Accidents

    We postulated that a negative social mood—held by passengers, crew, maintenance workers and pilots alike—would tend to increase the chances for aircraft accidents and that a positive social mood would decrease them. Indeed that is the case.

  • [Article] Natural Sweeteners (Sugars and Syrups)

    [Article] Natural Sweeteners (Sugars and Syrups)

    Commentators perennially ask us, “Could the positive social mood that produced the financial mania since the late 1990s be a product of the popularity of mood-elevating pharmaceutical drugs such as Prozac?” Those familiar with the socionomic hypothesis (that social mood motivates social action) can probably predict our response.

  • [Article] Magical Thinking vs. Practical Thinking

    [Article] Magical Thinking vs. Practical Thinking

    The practical thinking that dominates in a bull market carries a “reverence for science.” In a bear market, “magical thinking” prevails.